Yoga For Dummies, Pocket Edition


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ISBN/EAN: 9781118042823
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 144 S.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2010
Format: EPUB
DRM: Adobe DRM


Feel better than ever with yoga!Want to release tension, lose stress, and get in shape?  This handy guide will show you how to do all of that with yoga. You'll get helpful, easy-to-follow tips on how to create your own personal program and find out how to strength your mind and body with yoga!Find out:
  • How to breathe your way to great health
  • Great relaxation techniques for letting go of stress
  • How to customize your yoga routine
  • All about a fantastic eight-week yoga plan for beginners


Introduction.About This Book.Icons Used in This Book.Where to Go from Here.Chapter 1: Yoga 101: What You Need to Know.Understanding the True Character of Yoga.Finding meaning: The word Yoga.Finding yourself: Are you a yogi (or yogini)?Considering Your Options: The Eight Main Branches of Yoga.Bhakti Yoga: The Yoga of devotion.Guru Yoga: The Yoga of dedication to a master.Hatha Yoga: The Yoga of physical discipline.Jnana Yoga: The Yoga of wisdom.Karma Yoga: The Yoga of self-transcending action.Mantra Yoga: The Yoga of potent sound.Raja Yoga: The Royal Yoga.Tantra Yoga: The Yoga of continuity.Finding Your Niche: Five Basic Approaches to Yoga.Yoga as fitness training.Yoga as a sport.Yoga as therapy.Yoga as a lifestyle.Yoga as a spiritual discipline.What all approaches to Yoga have in common.Empowering Yourself with Yoga.Maintaining health and happiness.Finding out what being healthy really means.Healing rather than curing.Taking an active role in your own health.Following your bliss.Realizing Your Human Potential with Yoga.Balancing Your Life with Yoga.Chapter 2: Prep Before Pep.Cultivating the Right Attitude.Pretzels are not us!Practice at your own pace.Send the scorekeeper home.No pain, no gain Not!Enjoying a Safe and Sound Yoga Practice.Debunking the myth about perfect posture.Listening to your body.Moving slowly but surely.Practicing function over form with Forgiving Limbs.Approaching exercise with open eyes.Chapter 3: Relaxed like a Noodle: The Fine Art of Letting Go of Stress.The Nature of Stress.Correcting wrong attitudes.Changing poor habits.Releasing bodily tension.Relaxation Techniques That Work.Tips for a successful relaxation practice.Deep relaxation: The corpse posture.Afternoon delight.Magic triangles.Relaxation before sleep.Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra).Chapter 4: Breath and Movement Simplified.Breathe Your Way to Good Health.Taking high-quality breaths.Relaxing with a couple of deep breaths.Practicing safe yogic breathing.Reaping the benefits of yogic breathing.Breathing through the nose.The Mechanics of Yogic Breathing.The diaphragm and your emotions.Appreciating the complete yogic breath.Starting out with focus breathing for beginners.Taking a pause.Partners in Yoga: Breath and Postural Movement.Breathing in four directions.Combining breath with movement.Chapter 5: Recommended Routines.Beginner 1, Part I.Corpse posture.Lying arm raise.Knee-to-chest posture.Downward-facing dog.Childs posture.Warrior posture.Standing forward bend.Reverse triangle posture.Standing spread leg forward bend.The karate kid.Corpse posture.Beginner 1, Part II.Yogi sit-up.Cobra 2.Childs posture.Hamstring stretch.Head-to-knee posture.Corpse posture.Beginner 2, Part I.Mountain posture.Rejuvenation sequence.Half chair.Standing forward bend.Balancing cat.Corpse posture.Beginner 2, Part II.Extended leg slide-ups.Dynamic bridge.Locust 2.Childs posture.Hamstring stretch.Seated forward bend.Corpse posture.Chapter 6: Designing Your Own Yoga Program.Cooking Up a Creative Course of Exercise with the Classic Formula.Enjoying a Postural Feast: The 30- to 60-Minute General Conditioning Routine.Attunement.Warm-up.Standing postures.Balancing postures (optional).Rest.Abdominals.Compensation and preparation.Inversion (optional).Compensation for inversions and preparation for back bends.Back bends.Compensation for back bends.Preparation for forward bends.Forward bends.Compensation for forward bends.Preparation for twists.Twists.Compensation for twists.Relaxation.Making the Most of Little: A 15-Minute Routine.General conditioning.Preparation for meditation and Yoga breathing.Satisfying an Appetite for a Quick Pick-Me-Up: A Five-Minute Routine.

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