Occupational Emergency Medicine

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ISBN/EAN: 9781405180719
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2011
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With a large proportion of emergency admissions due to occupational health problems, the effect this can have on your practice cannot be ignored. Owing to the shortage of occupational physicians and limited worker access to health care, the diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases rely increasingly on the emergency physician. Apart from extra paperwork, owing to the extra legal and administrative regulations, a lack of knowledge of occupational medicine can risk a missed diagnosis. This burden of work means occupational disorders impact the whole of the emergency department. Michael Greenberg addresses your questions and concerns about the management of these patients: * from triage to discharge, and beyond * for all work-place injuries or disorders, whether office-based, agricultural or industrial * covers employment regulations Occupational Emergency Medicine is an essential reference for emergency physicians and trainees, featuring comprehensive information on legal issues involving the physician, and advice on managing occupational health admissions.


InhaltsangabeList of Contributors. 1 Introduction (James M. Madsen). 2 Potentially Lethal Occupational Exposures (Christina Price and Dennis P. Price). 3 Occupational Dermatology: Issues for the Emergency Department (David Vearrier). 4 Occupational Infections (Amy J. Behrman). 5 Occupational Toxicology (John A. Curtis and David A. Haggerty). 6 WorkRelated Trauma and Injury (Mark Saks and Brad A. Rahaman). 7 Occupationally Based Disaster Medicine (James M. Madsen). 8 WorkRelated Ocular Injuries (Joseph L. D'Orazio). 9 Occupational Pulmonary Disease (Michael G. Holland). 10 Occupational Illness and Injury in Law Enforcement Personnel (Richard T. Tovar). 11 Occupational Illness and Injury in Firefi ghters (Richard T. Tovar). 12 Occupational Illness and Injury in Prehospital Care Personnel (Derek L. Isenberg and Carin M. Van Gelder). 13 Health Hazards and Emergency Care for Health Care Workers (Amy J. Behrman). 14 Occupational Concerns for Truckers and Drivers (Natalie P. Hartenbaum). 15 Unusual Problems in Occupational Emergency Medicine (Edward A. Ramoska and Guneesh Saluja). 16 Arts Medicine: An Overview for Emergency Physicians (Robert T. Sataloff and Mary J. Hawkshaw). 17 Occupational Hearing Loss: An Overview for Emergency Physicians (Robert T. Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw, and Joseph Sataloff). 18 Voice Disorders: An Overview for Emergency Physicians (Robert T. Sataloff and Mary J. Hawkshaw). Appendix. Index. The color plate section.