Forensic Pathology Reviews Vol 4

Forensic Pathology Reviews 4

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ISBN/EAN: 9781617376719
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: XIV, 462 S., 225 s/w Illustr.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2006
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Leading forensic pathologists from around the world synthesize the practical advances in a variety of important subspecialties of forensic pathology and demonstrate how the latest medical and scientific progress is being applied to solve current problems of high interest to forensic pathologists today. The authors offer cutting-edge insights into death from environmental conditions (lightning and elder abuse), homicide by sharp force, death from natural causes (asthma, Marfan syndrome, and peliosis of the liver and spleen), and pathology of human endothelium in septic organ failure. Additional chapters address special aspects of crime scene interpretation and behavioral analysis, neogenesis of ethanol and fusel oils in putrefying blood, agrochemical poisoning, imaging techniques in forensic pathology, and fixation techniques for organs and parenchymal structures. A comprehensive, up-to-date review of the international literature is given for each chapter.


Death From Environmental Conditions Pathological Features of Death From Lightning Strike Stephan Seidl Elder Abuse: Challenges for Clinical Forensic Specialists and Forensic Pathologists in the 21st Century Donna M. Hunsaker and John C. Hunsaker III Homicide Homicides by Sharp Force Michael Bohnert, Hartmut Hüttemann, and Ulrike Schmidt Death From Natural Causes Sudden and Unexpected Death in Marfan Syndrome Roger W. Byard Asthma Deaths: Phenomenology, Pathology, and Medicolegal Aspects Michael Tsokos Peliosis of the Liver and Spleen: Pathological Features and Forensic Pathological Relevance of Two Rare Diseases With Potentially Fatal Outcome Michael Tsokos and Andreas Erbersdobler Infectious Diseases. Pathology of Human Endothelium in Septic Organ Failure Annette M. Müller and Michael Tsokos Death Scene Investigation Special Aspects of Crime Scene Interpretation and Behavioral Analysis: The Phenomenon of "Undoing" Judith Schröer and Klaus Püschel Toxicology Neogenesis of Ethanol and Fusel Oils in Putrefying Blood Wolfgang Huckenbeck Agrochemical Poisoning Anil Aggrawal Apoptosis Apoptosis in Tissue Injury, Barbara M. Aufiero, George C. Tsokos, Maria Tsokos, and Henry K. Wong Imaging Techniques in Forensic Pathology Recent Advances in Postmortem Forensic Radiology: Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications Benjamin Swift and Guy N. Rutty Postmortem Ultrasound Imaging in Forensic Pathology Seisaku Uchigasaki Veterinary Forensic Pathology Veterinary Forensic Pathology: The Assessment of Injuries to Dolphins at Postmortem Roger W. Byard, Catherine M. Kemper, Mike Bossley, Deborah Kelly, and Mark Hill Fixation Techniques for Organs and Parenchymal Structures Methods of Lung Fixation Roland Hausmann Index