Forensic Pathology Reviews 5

Forensic Pathology Reviews 5

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ISBN/EAN: 9781617377976
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: XVI, 292 S., 130 s/w Illustr., 17 s/w Tab.
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2008
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In this new volume of the globally recognized Forensic Pathology Reviews, Dr. Michael Tsokos has gathered chapters from the top experts in the field to reveal both the applied and scientific areas of expertise along the broad spectrum of forensics studies. Volume 5 piques the mind as leading forensic pathologists from the United States and around the world offer advanced insight into death caused environmental conditions, trauma, neuropathology, natural causes, and ballistics. The authors of this volume further their exploration as they impart research related to identification, serial murder, histopathology, and age estimation. While unveiling unsurpassed and cutting-edge knowledge, Forensic Pathology Reviews, Volume 5 will also inspire emerging forensic scientists to immerse themselves in innovative research.


Contents Preface Contributors Part I Death from Environmental Conditions Death Due to Hypothermia: Morphological findings, their pathogenesis and diagnostic value Burkhard Madea, Michael Tsokos, and Johanna Preuß Part II Trauma Fatal Falls from Height Elisabeth E. Türk Understanding Craniofacial Blunt Force Injury: A biomechanical perspective Jules Kieser, Kelly Whittle, Brittany Wong, J Neil Waddell, Ionut Ichim, Michael Swain, Michael Taylor, and Helen Nicholson Electrocution and the Autopsy Regula Wick and Roger W. Byard Part III Forensic Neuropathology Central Nervous System Alterations in Alcohol Abuse Andreas Büttner and Serge Weis The Medicolegal Evaluation of Excited Delirium James R. Gill Part IV Death from Natural Causes Myocardial Bridging: Is it Really a Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death? Michael J. P. Biggs, Benjamin Swift, and Mary N. Sheppard Nontraumatic Intramuscular Hemorrhages Associated with Death Caused by Internal Diseases Friedrich Schulz, Holger Lach, and Klaus Püschel Part V Ballistics Forensic Ballistics Bernd Karger Part VI Identification Unique Characteristics at Autopsy that may be Useful in Identifying Human Remains Ellie K. Simpson and Roger W. Byard The Forensic and Cultural Implications of Tattooing Glenda E. Cains and Roger W. Byard Part VII Serial Murder The Interaction, Roles, and Responsibilities of the FBI Profiler and the Forensic Pathologist in the Investigation of Serial Murder Tracey S. Corey, David T. Resch, and Mark A. Hilts Part VIII Forensic Histopathology Forensic Histopathology Gilbert Lau and Siang Hui Lai Part IX Forensic Age Estimation Forensic Age Estimation of Live Adolescents and Young Adults Andreas Schmeling, Walter Reisinger, Gunther Geserick, and Andreas Olze