Words of Common Sense

Hörbuchdownload - For Mind, Body, and Soul, Sprecher: Pete Cross

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Brother David Steindl-Rast takes us on a journey to discover the wisdom preserved in common-sense sayings that have been passed down through generations. These timeless words reflect the shared values cherished by people all over the world.When you drink from a stream," says one Chinese proverb, "remember the spring. From these simple words, we are reminded to be grateful for even the smallest graces that we receive. Another homespun phrase tells us that a contented heart is a continual feast, reminding us to look within, rather than without, for the source of our happiness.Words of Common Sense reveals the thread of human experience expressed in the world's proverbs and sayings. It helps us connect with cultures other than our own and recognize our shared humanity. These words resonate around the world because they are timeless reflections on how to cultivate a life of love, gratitude, and meaning.