Tarot of A.E. Waite iCards (GB Edition)

78 tarot cards with interactive additional options (free app)

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ISBN/EAN: 9783038194897
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 16 S., 78 Illustr., consistently coloured


Experience a new dimension of card-reading! TarotiCards are 78 tarot cards by A.E. Waite that offer you completely new possibilities: Draw a card and scan it with your mobile phone or tablet. In an app you can read the interpretation, integrate it into different reading patterns and save each reading with notes, date and questions. This way you can create your own tarot diary. In addition, novel magnifying glass effects show you the symbols of the Major Arcana in detail and explain their respective meanings. The app texts come from Hajo Banzhaf and the book "Tarot für dich - Selfcare und Empowerment mit den magischen Karten" by Noemi Christoph. They also give you a lot of background as well as tips on how you can creatively use tarot as a modern tool of self-care in your everyday life. Contents: 78 Tarot iCards by A.E. Waite incl. link to the free app in the App Store or Play Store.


A. E. Waite is known to many as the creator of the most famous Tarot of all time. Together with Pamela Colman Smith, he followed the old traditions of the classic Tarot, but enriched its symbols considerably, and also replaced all the number cards with pictorial scenes. The significance lies especially in the fact that the teachings of classical esotericism were made usable and could be used for a personal belief and personal orientation in everyday life.

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