Im Wald/Dans la forêt

Kinderbuch Deutsch-Französisch, Dt/frz, bilibrini, ...die kleinen Zweisprachigen - Edition bi:libri - Im Wald

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ISBN/EAN: 9783191896010
Sprache: Deutsch
Umfang: 16 S.
Format (T/L/B): 0.3 x 20 x 15.5 cm
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The first book in over twenty-five years devoted solely to allegory and personification in art history, this anthology complements current literary and cultural studies of allegory. The volume re-examines early modern allegorical imagery in light of crucial material, contextual and methodological questions: how are allegories conceived; for whom; and for what purposes? Contributors consider a wide range of allegorical representations in the visual arts and material culture, of both early modern Europe and the colonial "New World" 1400-1800. Essays included here examine paintings, sculpture, prints, architecture and the spaces of public ritual while discussing the process and theory of interpretation, formation of audiences, reception history, appropriation and censorship. A special focus on the medium of the body in visual allegory unites the volume's diverse materials and methods.