Modern Russian Framework of the Nuclear Waste Management

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The evolution of human activity in general and in any specific field in particular could be divided into three phases: 1) extensive development, when "conquering" nature is sooner or later checked by exhaustion of natural resources; 2) intensive development, based on attempts to rationalize utilization of limited natural energy sources and materials; 3) harmonious development, which combined the cycles of social and technological advancement (human culture proper). Furthermore, it is difficult to approach management of radioactive waste, including of the "nuclear legacy" category, using the common understanding of economic efficiency: even a "zero-sum game" would be good enough, so that no-one comes off a loser, especially the future generations. "How to ensure economical spending of Federal funds for solving the problems of accumulated nuclear legacy waste?" and "How to turn those costs into the investments?"


Dr. Tatyana Rakitskaya,Moscow, expert in back-end and nuclear waste economy, ROSATOM, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1985), Academic University of Law (2000), PhD (2002)