Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance

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ISBN/EAN: 9783540708179
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: VIII, 332 S., 5 s/w Illustr., 6 s/w Tab.
Format (T/L/B): 2.4 x 24 x 16.2 cm
Auflage: 1. Auflage 2007
Einband: gebundenes Buch


Corporations are under fire. Hardly a day goes by that executive conduct doesn't appear as a topic - or, more accurately, as a problem - in the media. This leads to increased public pressure on corporations, many of whom are reacting and publicly assuming their corporate responsibility. This book represents an introduction to and overview of the diverse aspects of the ethical challenges confronting companies today. It introduces executives, students and interested observers to the complex trends and developments in business ethics. On the one hand, this book presents industry-specific topics in ethics, and on the other hand it provides a general, interdisciplinary survey of the ethical dimensions of management and business.


Walther Ch. Zimmerli, Klaus Richter, Markus Holzinger: Introduction.- Setting the Scene: Robert C. Solomon: Introduction to Ethics.- Walther Ch. Zimmerli, Michael S. Assländer: Business Ethics.- Bettina Palazzo: Habits of the Heart in US-American and German Corporate.- Leading Self and Others: Joanne B. Ciulla: The Importance of Leadership in Shaping Business Values.- Robert Greenleaf: The Servant as Leader.- James MacGregor Burns: The Structure of Moral Leadership.- Joanne B. Ciulla: Why Work?.- Organizational Ethics: Guido Palazzo: Organizational Integrity - Understanding the Dimensions of Ethical and Unethical Behavior in Corporations.- Alejo Sison: Enron. Pride Comes Before the Fall.- Alejo Sison: Andersen. No Fairy Tale Ending.- Caspar von Hauenschild: How to Discover and Avoid Corruption in Companies.- Business in Society: Simon Zadek: The Path to Corporate Responsibility.- Milton Friedman: The Social Responsibility of Business Is to IncreaseIts Profits.- Dirk Matten, Jeremy Moon: Pan-European Approach. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding CSR.- Reinhold Kopp, Klaus Richter: Corporate Social Responsibility at Volkswagen Group.- Manfred Grieger: Historical Responsibility: Corporate Forms of Remembrance of National Socialist Forced Labour at the Volkswagen Plant.- Terence Jackson: Cross-cultural Sensitivities in Developing Corporate Ethical Strategies and Practices.- Global Corporate Ethics: Thomas Risse: Transnational Actors and World Politics.- Oliver F. Williams: The UN Global Compact: The Challenge and the Promise.- Andreas G. Scherer, Guido Palazzo, Dorothee Baumann: Global Public Rules and Citizenship Rights: A New Responsibility of Private Business Firms?.

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