Nagarjuna and Quantum Physics

Eastern and Western Modes of Thought

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Nagarjuna's fundamental reality of this world is not an immaterial or material object. It is a relation between objects. "A courageous scientific imagination was needed to realize fully that not the behaviour of bodies, but the behaviour of something between them, that is, the field, may be essential for ordering and understanding events". Albert Einstein "Quantum entanglement is a very strange thing. It is somewhere between objects being separate and being in communication with each other". Roger Penrose


Christian Thomas Kohl is lecturer in history and philosophy of physical sciences at Tibet Institute, Rikon, Zurich (http://www.tibet-institut.ch). He has studied the history and philosophy of sciences at the Universities of Paris and Berlin and in 1973 he graduated in political science. He tries to follow the approaches of Edwin Arthur Burtt.