Healthy Cuisine: Based on the Latest Research

The LANS Med Concept-Developed by 70 Top Physicians and Chefs-What you can achieve with optimal nutrition in just 30 days

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Healthy Cuisine: Based on the Latest Research - With 88 recipes to provide your body with optimal nourishment For the LANS MED Nutrition Concept, a team of 70 doctors, nutrition specialists, and top chefs has analyzed the results of renowned health studies for years and used this information to develop a healthy cuisine that you can incorporate into your daily life. This cuisine reflects the current state of nutrition research and provides clarity in the midst of the numerous, and often contradictory trends as well as information about healthy nutrition. The recipes feature a great deal of variety, easy preparation, and fresh, regional ingredients. Nutrition based on the LANS Med Concept is ideal, for example, for a 15- or 30-day health cure aimed at alleviating physical ailments and high levels of stress. If necessary, it is also an effective and healthy way to lose excess weight. The LANS Med Nutrition Concept has become well known in numerous countries. Each year, it draws many international celebrities, politicians, and managers from all over Europe to Lanserhof resorts to relax and reenergize.


Dr. Anne Fleck, a native of Saarland, Germany, is a specialist for internal medicine and rheumatology. For several years, she has worked successfully in and helped shape the fields of innovative Nutritional Medicine and Preventive Medicine. As a physician, she pursues a holistic approach based on valid methods and an effective combination of cutting-edge modern medicine and naturopathy. For many years now, she has been a consultant for preventative medicine and worked with companies, embassies, and private individuals from Germany and abroad. A wider audience knows her from the television series "Die Ernährungsdocs" (Nutrition docs) on the German television channel NDR. In this book, she explains how serious diseases can be treated using simple solutions and innovative nutrition-without rigid programmes. Anne Fleck lives in Hamburg, Germany. She enjoys sailing and spending time outdoors, loves to cook, and also paints and draws.

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