Mindset for a thriving future

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Digitalization was just the beginning, the biggest revolution for mankind starts now Flying cars, autonomous driving, 3D-printed houses and lab-grown meat - what sounds like a science fiction movie, is already a reality. We are on the verge of a new age. Building upon digitalization, technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, robotics, quantum computing and synthetic biology will bring profound changes to the world we know today. The impact on our everyday lives and our economy will be immense. The Internet-Era alone created companies worth over 7 trillion dollars - but only the US and China reaped the benefits. The upcoming era of exponential progress offers many new opportunities. Europe needs a mindset shift, a unique 10xDNA to take advantage of these prospects. 10xDNA will inform and inspire those who wish to understand how our world will change in the next decade. Instead of fearing the unknown, we should embrace the opportunities to build a strong, fair and diverse Europe. Are you ready to unleash your 10xFuture?


Frank Thelen is a European serial founder, technology investor and TV personality. Since 1994, he has founded and managed technology and design-driven companies. In his role as the founder and CEO of Freigeist Capital, he focuses on early-phase investments. His products have reached over 100 million customers in over 60 countries. Frank was the first investor in startups like Lilium Aviation, Wunderlist, Kraftblock, xentral, Smartlane, Ankerkraut and YFood. He was on the German version of the American TV-Show Shark Tank for 7 years.