Design, Development and Evaluation of a Wear Testing Machine

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Material Selection is very vital to every manufacturing and production process, however, subjecting a component member to tests before coupling them to an assembly of components helps in cost reduction and prevention of failures in service, it also ensures a long service life of material components. Wear testing helps to determine the wear rate of the material which can help in the calculation of nominal service life of the material. Essentially, this work has created a model for material selection, testing and improvement of structural properties through composites making.


Diploma in Physics Education from ABU, Zaria, Kaduna, NigeriaB.Eng. Mechanical Engineering from ABU, Zaria,Kaduna, NigeriaM.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (Thermofluid and Energy) from NDA-PG School, Kaduna,NigeriaPh.D (In view) Mechanical Engineering (Thermofluid and Energy) -from NDA-PG School, Kaduna, Nigeria.Registered Engineer with COREN

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