Sustainability in Environmental Engineering and Science

eBook - Select Proceedings of SEES 2019, Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering

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This book consists of select peer-reviewed papers from the International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Engineering and Science (SEES) 2019. The main focus of the book is to propose sustainable technologies to address the growing environmental challenges. The contents cover several topics of relevance such as air pollution, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, industrial pollution, and suggests eco-friendly and cost-effective techniques to tackle them. Given the range of topics covered, the book will be useful to researchers and professionals working in the multidisciplinary area of sustainability. 


Dr. Sunil Kumar is a Senior Researcher with more than 20 years of experience in leading, supervising and undertaking research in the broader field of Environmental Engineering and Science with focus on Solid and Hazardous Waste Management. Dr. Kumar is heading Technology Development Centre at CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, India., His contributions since inception at CSIR-NEERI in 2000 include 140 refereed journal publications, 04 books and 35 book chapters, 08 Edited volumes and numerous project reports to various governmental and private, local and International academic /research bodies. Dr. Kumar was a Visiting Researcher at University of Calgary, Canada, Hongkong Baptist University Hongkong, United Nations University Germany, etc. He has contributed immensely to the advancement of environmental engineering/ science fields in India in the region and internationally by acting as editor/ editorial member of numerous journals, Expert committee member for revision of Solid Waste Manual in India, organizing workshops/conferences and delivering invited speeches at both Indian and international venues. Dr. Kumar was awarded as Outstanding Scientist in 2011 and 2016 at CSIR-NEERI for his Scientific Excellence in the field of Research& Development in Solid Waste Management. Dr. Kumar was also awarded with the most prestigious award Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Jean-Paul-Str.12 D-53173 Bonn, Germany as a Senior Researcher for developing a Global Network and Excellence for more advanced research and technology innovation.

Prof. Makarand Madhao Ghangrekar is Head, School of Environmental Science and Engineering and PK Sinha Centre for Bioenergy and Chair Professor, Aditya Choubey Centre for Re-Water Research at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He had been visiting Scientist to Ben Gurion University, Israel and University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK under Marie Curie fellowship by European Union. He has successfully completed multinational collaborative projects with European Countries and few projects are ongoing. He has guided 19 Ph.D. Research Scholars and more than 50 Master students projects. He has contributed 179 research papers in journals of international repute, and contributed 39 book chapters and more than 250 conference papers in India and abroad. He has received recognition of his research contribution by receiving Swachha Bharat Award 2017, Gandhian Young Technology Innovation awards, National Design Award, Best paper Awards by IEI, etc.

Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad is currently working as a Professor in Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. He obtained his Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from GEC Jabalpur, VNIT Nagpur and IIT Roorkee respectively. Prior to joining IIT Guwahati in 2009, He was an Assistant Professor at VNIT Nagpur and worked in various projects at RRL, Bhopal (Now AMPRI, Bhopal) and NEERI, Nagpur. In addition to his books on solid waste management, rotary drum composting and metal speciation , Dr Kalamdhad has published more than 170 research papers in acclaimed journals and has presented his work in more than 200 national and international conferences/workshops. He is associated with Indian Public Health Engineers, India, International Solid Waste Association Italy and National Solid Waste Association of India; and serves as a reviewer for 50 international journals. He is a recipient of ISTE- GSITS national award for best research by young teachers) of engineering colleges for the year 2012 and IEI Young Engineers Award 2011-2012 in Environmental Engineering discipline from Institute of Engineers India.


Chapter 1: Design& Simulate of Vertical Handover Algorithm for Intelligent Transport System Using Analytic Hierarchy Process.- Chapter 2: Particulate Matter Emission Assessment and Future Outlook through Air Dispersion Model for Sustainable Development Planning in an Inland City in Central Maharashtra, India.- Chapter 3: Strategies on implementation of anaerobic digestion for circular economy in India.- Chapter 4: Sensitivity study on the classical biofilm model using a simplified solution method.- Chapter 5: Risk of extinction of species in an ecological system: estimation and analysis.- Chapter 6: Brassica juncea (L.)Czern. (Indian mustard): A potential candidate for the phytoremediation of mercury from soil.- Chapter 7: Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Saw Dust.- Chapter 8: Analysing the Influence of Groundwater Exploitation on Its Quality in Kolkata.- Chapter 9: Efficacy evaluation of conventional water treatment process and THMs modeling in drinking water of five cities in India.- Chapter 10: Study of Water Quality Index to ascertain the suitability of surface water for domesticpurposes.- Chapter 11: Evaluation of anthropogenic driven water pollution effects in an urban freshwater resource using Integration Pollution Index Method.- Chapter 12: Improved Sequential Approach for Hybrid Bioleaching of Metals from E-Waste.- Chapter 13: Green Energy Based Low Cost Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring And Purifying System.- Chapter 14: Degradation of phenol using batch-fluidization process by transition metal impregnated red mud as modified catalyst in heterogeneous Fenton process.- Chapter 15: Application of low-cost air quality monitoring sensor to assess the exposure of ambient air pollution due to PM2.5 and PM10.- Chapter 16: Estimation of Green House Gases in the Ambient Air.

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